A cocooning room is above all warm and soothing. Taking its origins in Scandinavian decoration trends, in countries where it is cold and where winters are harsh, the cocooning style brings back precisely this warmth and this sweetness of life. What could be better than to breathe this cozy atmosphere into a bedroom, a room where rest and sleep are king. Let's discover this universe and the different ways to adopt it in a parental suite.

Soft colors

The dominant colors of the cocooning style are neutral and clear. Even more so in a bedroom where sleep and calm reign supreme. White in the first place, but also neutral tones such as gray or beige. We mainly avoid colors that are too garish or flashy, which excite rather than soothe.

A cocooning room is not bland, on the contrary! Color is added to embellish and enhance the decoration, by small touches, on a section of wall or decorative accessories (bed linen, cushions, blankets, etc.). Blue, intimately linked to the bedroom, is still as popular as ever, as well as mustard yellow, gold or copper elements or green, to be used sparingly. Pastel tones, such as powder pink, are also the best allies to embed delicacy.

Natural and warm materials

Natural materials are in the foreground because they have something more authentic and warm. This is the case of textiles such as linen or cotton which bring a soft and cozy note.

Wood is also in the foreground for its raw appearance and the character it arouses in a decoration. The cocooning bedroom is thus ideally adorned with a pretty wooden parquet floor to set the tone of the room. The furniture is preferably made of solid wood, whatever the species offered (oak, teak, pine, beech, etc.). Get models!

Adopt a light wood bed

At the center of attention, a solid wood bed warms the bedroom atmosphere. Undeniably cocooning, it gives cachet to the decoration of the room. Wooden bed frames are preferably light in color, in European species such as oak, beech or pine to be more in line with the Scandinavian trend. The advantage of a wooden bedding is that it brings a rustic and cozy touch, contrasting delicately with the lighter colors of the room.

Provide comfortable light

Lighting is an important element in a cocooning bedroom. The goal here is to have a bright, relaxing, and romantic room. We then put on a soft light of low intensity. The best is to multiply the light sources with direct lighting (suspensions) and indirect lighting (bedside lamps or light garlands).

Otherwise, you can also provide places to put candles for a more intimate setting in the evening.

Natural lighting is also important in a cozy intimate room. To this effect, choose voile curtains on the windows to allow sunlight to enter the room. In the evening, unfurl the thick curtains in shimmering colors to maintain the warm atmosphere of the room.

A beautiful headboard

Perfect for reinforcing the cocoon spirit of sleeping, the headboard creates a beautiful relief in the bedroom. It also delimits the sleeping area from the rest of the room, and contributes to comfort. It adapts to the bed and all the decoration. Those in wood are warm, just like those in padded fabric which provide softness.

Create a reading nook

A cocooning room invites you to relax. What could be better than setting up a small reading corner, near the window or in a corner of the room. We install an elegant fabric armchair , with or without its footrest. Next to it, a small table as a support for the still hot cup of tea. If space allows, a bookcase is positioned to display all our favorite novels.

Plaids, pillows and bed sets

A cozy bedroom does not, above all, overlook quality bed linen and various textile accessories. Pillows are often numerous: they are decorative while providing a little more comfort. Duvet cover and pillowcases ideally match and soften the sleeping area. They can be a warm color (terracotta, mustard yellow, etc.) to warm up the atmosphere. Plaids and blankets are thick, soft to the touch and placed on a seat in the bedroom (armchair, bench) or at the end of the bed.

Invite the Scandinavian Hygge trend

Danish lifestyle, Hygge consists of making your home a place of sharing and happiness, through simple and beautiful things. It's designing a warm atmosphere, where time slows down and where we take our time. It is also a way of responding to the night which falls too early and to the freezing temperatures. Everything you need to face winter!

What could be better than a cocooning room to create a comforting and intimate shelter, as our Nordic neighbors do so well. To create a Scandinavian bedroom , prefer natural and refined decorations, install candles for a more intimate decor and don't forget the plaids under which you will love to snuggle up during the winter season.