The living room layout is an important step, the living room being the most convivial and shared in the house. It is therefore necessary to arrange this space according to your habits and activities. Finally, the appropriate decoration will highlight the style of the personalized room.

How to properly prepare your living room layout?

The layout of the living room must be done in a suitable way, because it is the room most used by the members of the family with the kitchen. This living room must therefore be optimized to allow you to move from one activity to another without problems. The space must also be designed to be shared and functional. Take measurements, and locate the space for an ideal layout.

Finally, it is in the living room that your decorative style reveals itself the most. Opt for a personalized decoration, which you will soon tire of and which will represent you and your family.

1. A relaxation area: the basis of the living room layout

The sofa, centerpiece of the living room

The very essence of the stay is this friendly and relaxing space in the living room. The sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture in the living room layout. It is a strong piece which, depending on your style, will more or less highlight your decoration. Colorful, with assumed forms or rather sober and refined? The choice is yours, but think that the sofa sets the tone for your interior decoration.

Opt for a rather low sofa so as not to cut off the space and allow the light to pass through. for the location choose a place that allows you to see outside, to watch television if you have one, without blocking the way.

A coffee table and armchairs

To furnish a living room, a coffee table is essential : this piece of furniture completes the style of the sofa. Also, it allows you to put your meal trays, a cup of coffee, your books or to share an aperitif with friends. It is the central element of the living room, not to be neglected.

A square coffee table will be suitable for a fairly large living room, the rectangle too. The round tables make it easier to pass around them. Finally, nesting tables are ideal for smaller spaces. Opt for a style that suits your desires: wood for a charming or seaside style. Marble for a contemporary or art deco style, glass for a vintage touch, for example.

Armchairs complete this living room to accommodate family or friends in a friendly circle. They dress the corners and bring an ideal cocooning touch in winter, to the corners of the fireplace if you have one. Otherwise a good plaid and candles will give warmth to your space.

2. How to integrate a dining area into the living room?

The play of lights

In most cases, the living room also includes a dining area and not just the living room. It is a room of life intended to receive and share. It is necessary to delimit this space, and light is a very good means for this.

Place above your table a fairly low light to create an intimate atmosphere. For more charm you can even use three suspensions placed at different heights which will give style to the dining area.

A large, user-friendly and adaptable table

A friendly table is obviously the basis of the dining area. Guide your choice according to the shape of your room and the use you are going to make of this piece of furniture.

A round table is ideal for a small family, in a square room. It promotes circulation by the absence of angles, so it also fits in a space close to the passage or in a kitchen. A rectangular table brings structure to a large room and can accommodate many guests. The happy medium is the oval table, original, it is back in trend and allows you to be convivial without being imposing.

The table being an important element in a room it can sit the decorative style of your choice. A raw wood table could be ethnic, charming, seaside. Glass or metal brings a contemporary or industrial touch... Go for models at Homary!

Decorate your table according to your decor with elements specific to your style. Also match the other components of this space: a sideboard if you have one, the light fixture, the seats.

3. A reading area in the living room layout

A cocooning space at will

If you have a large living room, it is interesting to create different spaces and add some specific corners. For example, a reading corner is ideal for creating a cocooning atmosphere and dressing up the living room library.

For this, bet on the most comfortable chair in the house. It should be large and snug enough to allow you to fold your legs up easily. Add a discreet but effective floor lamp for the comfort of your eyes. Finally, a side table next to the armchair allows you to keep a drink close at hand, to put your glasses, bookmark, and any accessory.

The ideal library

In a reading corner, the library is, to say the least, quite large. It gives the reading corner all its soul, and above all allows you to store your books and trinkets in an organized and aesthetic way.

Choose your bookcase in harmony with your decor and your other furniture: table, sofa, armchair... It is a storage element but rather discreet, it should not clash or contrast too much.

For the shape there are several, in half arc, rather vertical, rather horizontal, staggered, made to measure... You are spoiled for choice, just make sure that they do not take up too much space because a once charged, it can become very imposing.

Finally, so that your library is pleasant to look at, do not hesitate to classify your books by color. Or vary the vertical and horizontal storage.

Delineate the living room layout with rugs

When creating corners and spaces dedicated to an activity, you will have understood that delimitation is necessary. Also, rugs are remarkably effective in visually dividing spaces.

A rug for your reading corner will differentiate it from the living room, but will bring even more comfort to this space. In addition, it brings a certain touch to your decor.

A jute rug will be ideal for a bohemian or ethnic look, seagrass sits an oceanic style. Finally, a Persian rug brings a touch of charm and geometric patterns enliven a Nordic decor.

4. How do you add an office to the living room layout?

A modular or built-in desk

These days, many people have had to set up an office area to work from home. Not always obvious, teleworking also has many advantages. To create your workspace in your living room, bet on a corner, a space, an alcove a little apart to be quiet.

Often in the living room, it is preferable to opt for a discreet desk so as not to distort the decor of this living room. There are quite narrow and very decorative desks, sufficient if you work on a laptop, which will also serve as a console once the day is over. Otherwise, there are modular solutions. Shelving tables for example, or a desk that folds up against the wall.

Aesthetic storage solutions

You will surely agree, cables and other power supply wires and office accessories are not always very aesthetic. To camouflage this, you can do cable management.

These are techniques for concealing the wires in sheaths, elastic bands or other storage elements. Along the complaints or the legs of the desk they are no longer seen.

Also, decorative office baskets and boxes allow you to store your headphones, chargers and other items without infringing on the style of your room.

Delimit by color on the walls

Even if for the most part discretion is required for the office, others will prefer a well-defined space. For this the walls will play an important role.

You can of course highlight your office with a practical wall. for this a pegboard, a cork wall or other grid allowing you to hang notes or photos are welcome.

Otherwise, a lick of paint or wallpaper is just as effective. Paint a full section of the wall, or just a base or an arc to delimit your office space. Choose a color that suits your decor and preferably soft enough for a visually pleasing transition.

5. Add an activity and play area in the living room layout

Free space for various activities

Whether your stay is large or small, it is necessary to provide a solution to clear the space if necessary.

For example, to do your sports or stretching session in the morning before getting ready. Or to receive your children's friends and watch them from the living room and allow them to play. Or also to receive your friends and create a friendly and not too cramped dance floor.

If your space is limited, bet on modular elements : stackable chairs, extendable table, etc. Conversely, in a large living room do not try to fill the space 100%, an empty space also brings a feeling of calm and allows easier circulation.

Modular storage for living room layout

In the living room we find all the indoor activities of the family. However, if one is passionate about video games, another yoga, another plastic dinosaurs and the last lego, it can quickly reign a certain chaos.

This is why it is necessary to have optimized storage in your living space. For children, bet on baskets in modular shelves or cubes. Preferably at their height so that it is easy for them to store their toys.

In higher elements, or in baskets for more accessibility, place your everyday objects. For example your sports, photo or other accessories. Bet on discreet storage elements so as not to clutter up.

An indoor garden area

Also, many people who live in an apartment without an exterior dream of being able to garden. It's not impossible!

If space permits, place a bench or shelves for your plants against a wall not too far from a window. Choose your houseplants carefully, to create this semblance of a soothing garden in your home.

Plants can be present in all decorative styles: they bring life and a touch of freshness to any interior. Do not hesitate to give yourself this space that feels good!

6. What decoration in the living room layout for a personalized style?

Colors and materials in harmony

Your living room is your living room, the one where you receive and spend the most time. It is therefore important that the decor is neat with the style of your dreams.

Then opt for colors and materials that, together, will offer harmony. Bet on some timeless and quality materials so as not to get bored. And let go of the decor! You can go all out with a particular style or choose the mix and match according to your tastes and desires.

If you dreamed of an art deco interior with velvet and gold, go ahead, don't hold back and the effect will be there!

A decorative style that suits you

Choose a decorative style that resonates with you. You like soft styles and you are tired of the city, adopt a charming or seaside look with soft tones and authentic materials. Do you like to be cutting edge and trendy? Opt for contemporary or follow the vintage trend of the moment! Art deco is ideal for strong enough personalities, and the ethnic style will appeal to anyone who dreams of travel. For a soft and timeless style, the Scandinavian look will delight the whole family.

Personalized decorative touches

Finally, adapt this decorative style with elements that you like, accumulations of objects that are important to you. And go for the mix and match which allows you to create unique atmospheres and which will give free rein to your creativity.

Antique, family objects, or furniture that you have always had around have a place in your decor. Either as is to tell a story, a memory. Either with a good freshening up to create a new style. These elements will make you feel at home and not in a magazine.

Finally bet on family photos to frame, or put in an album on the coffee table. Choose your decoration together with your loved ones living in the house to create a unit, a room that looks like you. Finally, choose a smell that represents you, add candles, cushions for comfort and here you are at home! If necessary, do not hesitate to entrust your stay to our decorators who will be delighted to help you with the layout and decoration.