The living room is the central room of the house, where we like to spend time. We must therefore not neglect its decoration and layout. Discover without further delay trendy living room decor through 5 inspiring projects from our decorators.

Trendy living room decor

Do you want to bring your living room up to date? You are in the right place.

The living room is an important living room in the house where we like to spend time to relax. It is therefore essential that its decoration and layout allow you to feel good there.

Cosy, modern, colorful living room… there are many ideas for a trendy decorative living room. So don't worry, there will be something for everyone.

Discover 5 trendy living room decoration projects made by our decorators to inspire you.

1. A sleek contemporary living room

Trendy furniture

For a real trendy living room decor, the furniture must respect certain characteristics.

The fashion for sofas is changing. Today opt instead for a sofa with generous volume, with a low and deep seat. Regarding its legs, if there are any, choose small sofa legs, very thin.

If you have the possibility, complete this relaxation area with an armchair. The combination of the two: a very fashionable trend.

For the coffee table, sleek, light tables with thin legs replace massive tables. Opt for wood or marble for a trendy coffee table. Check models on

The essentials for a trendy living room decor

For a successful trendy living room decor, certain essential decorative elements should not be neglected.

First, think about the carpet. One or more overlapping, soft and preferably long-haired, it will warm and dress up your room. Moreover, easily replaceable, it will allow you to dare to play with colors, in order to revitalize your space.

Enveloping materials will also be welcome. Add many cushions to your sofa, and several pretty soft throws to enhance the cocooning side that we love so much and which comes back among the trends every year.

Finally, don't forget to add one or more mirrors to your decor. In addition to dressing up your room nicely, it will share light and expand your space.

2. Natural materials in the spotlight

Curly wool at the top of the trend

Already on trend in 2021, curly wool remains in the lead to face this new winter.

Sofa, armchair, plaid, cushions... this comforting material invites itself into interiors and furniture for a warm and cocooning atmosphere guaranteed.

In addition, although its main color is white or ecru, it exists in different shades to adapt to your tastes and your interior.

Materials to inspire you

For a trendy living room decor, all natural materials are suitable:

  • Linen for elegant curtains for example.
  • Rattan for an armchair or a lampshade.
  • Marble as table covering.
  • Travertine or stone for a warm atmosphere.
  • Back in fashion velvet for cushions, sofas or armchairs.

Do not hesitate to mix the different materials and textures.

The timeless wood

For the realization of a trendy living room decoration, our decorator Mégane opted for wood.

Safe value for natural decoration, the wood that you can use in all its forms will sublimate your space, while creating a warm and soothing atmosphere.

Shelves, coffee tables.. wood dresses many pieces of furniture and combines perfectly with all colors and materials. In addition, you can easily recycle it : DIY with pallets, for example, is very popular in trendy decor.

And for an even more successful trendy living room decor, consider the combination of beige and wood. A very good way to harmonize it with the curly wool we saw above.

Choose your style

Nature inspires decoration. The different decorative styles are often made of natural materials, which are more and more trendy.

The Scandinavian style is a good example. It is precisely defined by its pure and natural spirit. Mainly composed of light wood, wool and pure colors like white, Scandinavian living rooms are very welcoming and warm.

Wabi sabi also appears in styles for a trendy living room. This is also a benchmark in terms of natural decoration and authenticity.

Stone, wood, metal... unlike the Scandinavian style, the wabi sabi will use rather raw, imperfect materials to create a warm living room with character.

3. Trendy living room decor: Towards a more colorful living room

For a trendy living room decor, dare to use color.

Sage green, horizon blue, terracotta, beige... Warm colors are very fashionable this year, replacing pastel colors. On the wall, these colors give your room a healthy glow while restructuring it.

On this third decoration project, our decorator Joanna chose to use green. This is THE trendy color of the moment.

To integrate this color into the room, our decorator chose to paint only one section of the wall, in order to give character to the living room without overloading it.

Preferably, paint the wall perpendicular to your window in color, which will make the color and your room brighter.

Touches of color

To give pep to your room while remaining trendy, you can also use color by touches.

To do this, several options are available to you: colored cushions, lamps... but also by adding wall decoration. Small shelves arranged at different heights to place decorations on them, or a compilation of frames will do the trick.

Prefer to have these wall decorations above your sofa.

4. Mix and match for a unique trendy living room decor

If you want to have a unique trendy living room decor, the mix and match is for you.

In addition, this new trend, which consists of mixing different styles, is particularly suitable for the living room. Indeed, this room being generally the largest in the house, it is an opportunity to make new associations.

When you like several styles it is difficult to choose only one and stick to it. To overcome this problem, dare to mix and match. Combine different colors, styles, materials, prints... A very good compromise to warm up a style that is a little too refined, and vice versa for example.

Play on the decorative elements, the details... two completely different styles can become very complementary. Give a real personality to your interior with this original trend. Be careful, however, to dose the mixtures, and take care of the harmonies to avoid too much.

5. A different layout

The sofa, the main element of the living room, structures and harmonizes the room. Often, the layout of the living room seems logical: The sofa against a wall or in a corner, the TV cabinet against the opposite wall and the coffee table in the middle. But if we broke these codes?

In the trendy living room decor, the layout matters a lot. And today, a more original practice is going up in trend: Installing your sofa in the center of your living room.

Certainly, it is better to have a large living room to be able to do this without causing traffic problems. However, it is a very advantageous option: A very design living room, and a sofa that acts as space separators.

Modern room claustra

The claustra is also part of the new trends. As on this decorative project, you can use it to separate different spaces in your living room.

The claustra allows you to dress your interior while drawing new dimensions and new perspectives.

The latter is a very good solution if you have a living room with a small volume. Indeed, if as in this decoration project, your entrance opens directly onto the living room, this is the solution to accentuate its intimacy. On the contrary, if you have a large living space, use the claustra to divide it: Living area, reading area, office, dining room.

Anyway, the trellis is very modern and will be welcome in a trendy living room decor.

To go even further...

Like the trellis, the canopy is a second effective, modern and trendy solution to structure your living room. In addition to dividing a room into several spaces, it is clearly an element that has become fashionable decoration.

The latter will increase the luminosity tenfold, if the natural exposure of your living room is not optimal.

In addition, like the claustra, the canopy is available in different materials, such as wood or metal, and in different shapes because it can be easily made to measure, to adapt to your style.